Dual Unit – In theory and nature

Ton Phi from Viet Nam

When scientists studied snowflakes, they found that every snowflake is symmetrical, and more surprisingly, each one of them is unique. Every snowflake on the ground is pure, dustless one may say, or else the contaminants may prevent such beautiful thing from landing in our backyard.

We could say that the little snowflake is the combination of two opposite characteristics – or Dual Unit. Philosopher Luong Kim Dinh mentioned this word in his works, and it is used until this very day. For a theory to be deemed right, it must achieve the stage of dual unit, meaning the theory must have an example in nature, in this case, snowflakes.

Dual unit itself becomes a touchstone to decide which theory is right and which is wrong.

Let’s apply Dual Unit to the Holy Bible to see if it is right or wrong. Every sentence in the Bible has an parallel one. Each of these sentences shall examine and complement the other to clarify its embedded meaning as well as the matter of discussion. Therefore, the Bible, the holy book of every Christian, is considered right.

Let’s continue to apply Dual Unit to the Buddhism scriptures. Unfortunately, the teachings of Buddhism have failed to meet the criteria of Dual Unit. The same goes for the famous Tao Te Ching of Taoism.

The philosophies of Kant, Sartre or Tran Duc Thao also does not contain the characteristics of Dual Unit.

Finally, besides the Bible, the Five Classics of Confucianism meet the requirements of Dual Unit.

Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.

How to know if the teachings of the priest or pastor in your neighborhood is right or wrong? This is when the theory of Dual Unit is applied. If the Dual-Unit are found in his sermons then what he is preaching is true, if not, it simply means that he is just pleasing his believers.

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