Is it right for the U.S. to sanction Cuba with the power of international laws?

Le Minh Ton

In a small village, there were two brothers whose father died at an early age. The elder brother worked hard to make ends meet to look after his family and became rich. The younger brother, on the other hand, was different from his brother, and poverty is the comeuppance for his laziness and lack of endeavor. One day, the little brother took away his brother house, banished him and his son and took the wife.

The elder brother seek refuge in the neighboring village. He told the village elders his story. The elders gathered the young men to march to the elder brother’s village to regain justice for him.

Seeing the crowd, the younger brother who was drinking suddenly dropped his bowl and went outside with a bat on his hand, saying:

– Brother! Family matters stay within the family. Why did you told the strangers to beat me?

The older brother replied:

– Cut the crap! This is your last warning. Come here and I’ll spare your live. The elders here will decide who’s right and who’s wrong. If not, don’t say that I haven’t warn you.

The cunning younger brother tried to separate the brother and the elders:

– Brother! Tell the elders to go home, and I’ll split you half the fortune.

His brother said:

– What makes you think you have the right to give me back what is mine. You stole all my wealth. Now, I take back what’s belong to me. Bury the hatchet? You have no right to talk about that.

Ask yourself, who is to blame? It is clearly that the little brother is the one to be blame. He took his brother’s house and expressed a holier-than-thou attitude. The village elders besieged the house for two days until the little was forced to come out since he was running out of supply. He was beaten and sent into exile.

The above story was similar to the case of the Batistas and the Castros in Cuba at the time. Some shamelessly urged the U.S. to end its hostile policies and sanctions on Cuba. As the Batitstas joined the Convention of the United Nation, they received protection from the organization. The Castros illegally overthrew the legitimate administration of the Batista; therefore, the United Nation had all the authority to conduct actions against the Castro brothers.

To this part, you could ask yourself whether the action that Quang Trung overthrew the Le Dynasty is right or wrong, and could we view the fact that Gia Long asking for the intervention of Siam and Chenla in Vietnam is setting a fox to keep the geese or not.

In October 1945, countries gathered in London, the United Kingdom to sign the Charter of the United Nation. All nations shall be put under the protection of the United Nation, and the participation was voluntary. Therefore, the United Nations and the U.S. have the authority to protect governments dealing with insurgency. This is necessary and legitimate. It was lucky for the administration of Fulgencio Batista as they were one of the first members of the United Nation.

Now, the Batistas have legally come back to Cuba in accordance with the international laws. As the enforcer of the law, the U.S. has the power to sanction the Castro brothers, and those sanctions do not violate the international laws. Although they themselves are lawyers (Fidel Castro graduated from law school), they could not sue the U.S. government. Descendants of the former Cuban landlords have also returned to the country to reclaim their lands. With enough witness, the supporters of Fidel living illegally on these lands will be forced to leave. Unless the owner put it on sale, the land will forever be the property of the owner. This right of possession is protected by the international laws, and no entity could breach it. Banishment is the karma for the greedy land robbers. Some families owe tens of acres, and when they return to Cuba, they become capitalists similar to Korean chaebols.

Unions, parties in and out of Cuba are fighting on and on, but their refusal to support the Batista government has caused them to fail. “Could the enemy be fooled by just beautiful words?”, “Could the sharp claws of your fighting roosters punch through the enemy’s thick armor plates? (Grand Prince Hung Dao). Unions and parties must have the protection of the government just like the kids need its parents. Only government has the authority to enforce international laws to reclaim national soil. Unions need to support the government rather than fighting alone in vain.

The situation of Cuba is obvious. With price of 10 million dollars for each life taken, Raul Castro could not compensate. He could not wage a war that he would lose although his army still has enough manpower, tanks and armament. The Cuban say that Raul still has the spirit of a Spaniard knight. On his journey to Venezuela, he wore a suite instead of military uniform.

Raul Castro in Cuban 2017.
Raul Castro in Cuban 2017.

In case he and Miguel express the desire to surrender, his underlings will not let that happen. They, acting on behalf of the law, have imprisoned and taken away the lives of many Cuban patriots. If one day Cuba is no longer a communist state, these underlings will be put on trial even though they will not be sentenced to death by the new government,

The same happened in Ukraine. Ukrainian secret agents were tied up, forced to kneel down to apologize the public. Most of the Ukrainian are Catholics. They released these agents after they had done humiliating.

The situation of Cuba is almost settled. Miguel now has only one solution that is to perform general election and land division. The government just need to assign budget for general election, and the United Nations will observe and cover the necessary fund if needed. Land division is crucial. It will provide land for 2 million Cuban in oversea which are experts in many field to return to Cuba to help building the country after years of poverty.

International laws are interesting. Every nation can contribute to the making of the law. However, only the U.K, Russia and the United States were competent to do such thing at the time. Basically, the international laws are the 10 commandments of Moses. Stalin, leader of the Soviet Union, deemed the international laws harmless to his country so he signed the laws. The American employs the laws to subdue all illegal government takeovers in the world. These robbers think that taking a government is simple as stealing a chicken. But reality is different from theory. After they had taken the government, these robbers came to see Stalin, but what they received was the head shake of the leader. The old saying “crime does not pay” is well match for these cases.

A new dawn is rising on the islands of Cuba.

Saigon, July 18th, 2021

Ton Minh Le


A student of

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