Which one is the best philosopher of all time?

The restoration picture of Jesus Christ based on the Shroud of Turin.

Have you ever wondered, which one is the world’s best philosopher? This question sometimes pops up in the mind of the most brilliant students of the Department of Literature and Philosophy. That person is Jesus Christ due to the following criteria:

First, Jesus Christ does not need to use big words, but he is still able to explain sophisticated tenets. Immanuel Kant even argued like grannies when he reached the twilight of his days. The famous Hegel himself eventually ended up like Kant. Their philosophies are embedded with complex terms which cannot be translated to other languages. The words he, Jesus Christ, used weresimple; therefore, his teachings spreads around the world from Asia to Europe and from the Middle East to South America. “Evangelion of the Almighty’s realm shall be spread to every corner of the Earth.” Provided that Jesus Christ used sophisticated terms, good news shall stay in Judea, or big towers at least, far from the reach of the commoners. When he used simple metaphors, the news reached all walks of life. Of course, the ability to understand all or just part of the news depends on the person’s intellect. Describing by complex words is like a girl with tons of makeup to hide the defects on her face. (A girl whose face does not rely on makeup is truly a beautiful one). Philosophy is no different than a girl, the use of complex terms is just to conceal the flaws. In contrast, Jesus used simple words and explanations to teach his flocks.

Second, the teachings of Jesus are irrefutable. 1990 years have passed, but still no one could rebut even a single line in his sermons. Meanwhile, more and more philosophies of other great philosophers have been proved wrong. Software can be cracked. Money vaults can be broken in. But the words of Jesus still stand as right as a trivet. Therefore, more and more people in all fields follow the words of Jesus. Many, even monks of other religions, have tried to refute Jesus’ teachings, but they all have failed.

Third is the expression power of the philosophy. Movie producers love to choose handsome actors to play Jesus in their films. In reality, Jesus was not a good looking man. He had nothing to gain our heart. So why did he has so many followers though he is not a voluble person and hisBible is abstract, only one-third or one-tenth of other crappy philosophies? That is because of the expression power lies within, and it suits the environment we are living in.

Based on the above criteria, no philosophers could surpass Jesus Christ. Of course, he did not present in this world to be a philosopher neither to be a doctor. However, American doctors agree that Jesus is the best physician. Also, he is the best philosopher.

Some told me that they follow other philosophies to earn a living, and when everything is done, the old age comes, they will abandon all to follow Jesus. Meaning that even the anti-Christ know him is the only savior. If you notice, those who insult Jesus usually have no Facebook avatar or clear background. Generally speaking, they use clone accounts. Every knee must kneel before Christ though he does not ask. The promise of “Evangelion shall be spread to every corner of the Earth” has become true.

Saigon, August 10th, 2021.
Le Minh Ton
Contact: tonphi2021@gmail.com

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