Why does the Jews’ Kibbutzim hit such a success?

A Kibbutzim in Israel

In the 19th century, the Jewish people desired to return to their homeland after 1900 years of displacement. They bought the pricey lands of the Arabs in the Palestine province (in short for Palestinian Syria) to settle and propagate. They built a high-value agriculture from the barren land. Cooperation is the key to survive; therefore, a cooperative organization was born, and that is KIBBUTZIM.

The question is why the Jews and the Russians have two similar cooperative organizations but that of the Russians was a total failure? Unable to accept the hard truth, many democrats compared Kibbutzim to cooperative. Frankly speaking, the Russian cooperative is like a child compared to the Jews’ Kibbutzim.

Firstly, the concept of Kibbutzim takes Jehovah as its unified mentality basis. Whereas the cooperative of the Soviet Union had no such basis, making it ineffective.

Secondly, the Jews have a firm legal basis called the Ten Commandments of Moses. The legal systems of the UK, the U.S, France, etc. also revolve around these commandments. The Moses’ commandments areconcise, and no one could help himself from violate one of the commandments. Time is the best measurement. The Jewish laws have stood its ground for 3500 years. Meanwhile, the Soviet Union could not figure out an effective legal system, and dissolution was the ultimate result. So did its cooperative. At the twilight of the Soviet Union, famine was not a rare thing to see. Many Russian women became prostitutes which we could not see in Israel.

Thirdly, cultural difference is the problem. The people in South Korea and Japan (as well as in other Western countries) lobbies in their own countries, meaning gangsters always want to put politicians on their payroll. On the other hand, the Israelis lobby worldwide to gain support for their country. In other words, the people of Israel have much higher sense of responsibility (Buddha character) than other mediocre democratic nations (citizens in these countries have to buy democracy with high taxes and public service fee).

Finally, Kibbutzim are run by traditional wealthy families. In Russia, the cooperatives were led by nouveau riche. The descendants of wealthy families are well-educated while the nouveau-riche only have dirty tricks up their sleeve. The newly rich could only come up with short-term plans (5-year plan). In contrast, the well-educated ones could devise 50 or even 100-year plans. That’s why it is not surprise to see Russia suffered famine though they have vast fertile land. The Jews turned barren waste land to productive gardens.

Viewing Kibbutzim as the cooperative of socialism is like comparing Chinese Longcin motorcycle to Japanese Honda. The two things are not at the same level.

The mindset of the Jews is completely different. Everything is just temporary, only agriculture is permanent. The leader of the Jews must come from a Kibbutzim.

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