How can the Chinese be able to purchase French castles?

Picture of Poet Nguyen Chi Thien (1939-2012)

Protestant ethics and the spirit of capitalism

Chapter 23: How can the Chinese be able to purchase French castles?

In the past, France was once a powerful empire. Persons with good French could rake in a fortune as an interpreter. An uncle in my family received studied university in France and received a bachelor degree in literature. France was once a pride, but now it is the other way around.

Firstly, France sells its castles to Chinese. These castles were built from monolithic stone as fortresses to defend the border of France in conventional wars. The owners were lords, counts or barons. The people living inside the castle shall work and pay their taxes to their lord. The responsibility of the lord is to organize the garrison and protect his people. Castles were once the pride of the French.

Until the day that the descendants failed to sustain their ancestors’ wealth. They receive mediocre education with no awareness about their nobility. Without a penny to their name, they sold their castle to the Chinese with for a few hundred million dollars which is similar the story of Esau giving his birthright to Jacob in exchange for a bowl of stew. What has been done could not be undone.

So why do the Chinese buy castles? They bought it so that they could send their people to France to establish Chinese villages, a means to undermine the culture and economy of La France. Journalist Nguyen Dinh Nhan in Paris has proved that the Chinese are conducting “dumping” strategy to destroy the entire European economy. French politicians only take the Chinese as a minority. Now, it is too late to take action.

It is heartbreaking to see that the French culture is being sabotaged. The Chinese violates the ethics of espionage. A spy entering to a country could only collect intelligence, not kidnapping, assassinating or even culture sabotage. The father of espionage is two Jewish people, Jose and Caleb. The two received orders from Moses to enter Canaan to find out about the terrain, collect fruits, and they were forbidden to harm the King of Canaan nor the culture. The Chinese looks down on international conventions as they come to France and replace the local culture with their Chinese tradition.

This can be seen clearly in the protest against the slight rise of gasoline price in 2018. The protesters hung the flag of Fujian Province (China) to increase the morale of the mob. My heart aches every time I see this flag. French newspapers, including major ones such as Le Monde, Figaro, etc. could not find out the origin of the flag. Europe and even America, are in a shortage of educated workforce. Moreover, the flag of Fujian even hung on the streets of Canada, mocking the educated people.

The French culture is like a feeble old man. France even sold its famous mobile phone brand Wiko to China. Do you know that a mobile phone is a combination of hundreds of inventions? Do you know how long it takes for generations of French to build a mobile manufacturing plant like Wiko? Yes, the French could sell such a pride.

The culture of France is being invaded for its weakness. We have Mai Village in France and the U.S., but why do we could not see on in Israel? Culture and river is alike; they flow from the top to the bottom, not the other way around. The Israeli will never accept such run of the mill culture, albeit they allow its presence. France adopt disgraceful culture, and now it resembles a terminal patient.

Who could stop China now? Only the “sons” of Grand Prince Hung Dao Vuong could prevail the Chinese. In ancient time, the great Yuan Dynasty conquered most of the European countries, leaving the remaining hanging by a thread. Fortunately, the Grand Prince Hung Dao Vuong stopped the advance of the Yuan. Now, the Han want to become the hegemony of the world’s economy. Europe is on its deathbed while the U.S. is turning a blind eye. Fortunately, there comes the “sons” of Hung Dao Vuongto save the day. The recent ruling of the international environment court places a “time bomb” on China.

It is easier said than done. The followers of Grand Prince Hung Dao Phuong face all kinds of harassment. Some are terrorized, living in danger. But we can calm ourselves that China and the Fujian Party are now vipers without its poisonous fangs. Squeeze they can, but harm they cannot. Failing to harm the patriots, they have to let go. Some leaders of the “sons” of Hung Dao Vuong could not live to see the return of the “sons”. However, the Chinese and Fujianese could not annihilate all, and they shall taste defeat, becausewe have Grand Prince Hung Dao Vuong. Their fate has been sealed.

Mankind has learned an unforgettable lesson. European countries and the U.S. are training their public servants as clerks, giving the Chinese opportunities to sabotage their culture. They coming in from the backdoor, acting on behalf of democracy and human rights to freely buy lands and castles. Only the righteous could protect their country. A great victory is coming.

To answer the question why the French sold their castles to the Chinese or why the world lost to China, I shall cite a poem of poet Nguyen Chi Thien:

For autism, neglect and ignorance,

For one’s own sake, for one’s cowardice

The country shall meet its comeuppance

That is hatred and sorrow.

The translation of the poem shall be sent to other countries.

Le Minh Ton

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