Letter proposing funding for the establishment of Charlie Group

Dear Sir/Madam,
My name is Ton Phi, a bachelor of literature with an excellent degree. My fellow compatriots often call me as Philosopher Le Minh Ton.

I also have a C programming certificate (short-term course) issued by the Ho Chi Minh University of Technology.
After graduation, I have opened the Charlie’s Computer Store which is an online shop acting as a dropshipper. We connect the suppliers and the buyers, give them advices and receive bonus from both the suppliers and the buyers. During the Corona pandemic, our business is doing well, witnessing the increases in Laptop and PC sales.
Following the remarkable sales, Charlie’s Computer Store in Saigon is planning to build a pilot smartphone factory. Ruth is the proposed name for our first smartphone. The name is the result of a 3-month discussion.
Why is Ruth? A long time ago, Judea experienced a severe famine. There was this woman, Naomi. Her husband and two sons were dead, leaving her with the two daughters-in-law. Poverty made the mother come up with the decision to ask her two daughters-in-law to go back to their parents and have a new life with a new guy. The wife of the elder son left immediately. Ruth, the wife of the younger son, chose to stay with her. The two traveled back to their homeland. Ruth’s filial piety in the Bible echoes until the modern day. She is the grandmother of King David, the hero that ended the life of the giant Goliath of the Philistines.

Our friends in Europe have agreed to lend us their land for free to build the smartphone factory. We plan to build the factory in India and the company headquarter in Czech Republic. In terms of technology, we could not make a smartphone; therefore, we have to learn from foreign companies. The Protestant capitalists will guide us the things beyond our knowledge. Charlie will progress steadily. We want to take our time do deliver the best products to our customers instead of cutting corners like Vingroup or Bphone. We sell phones not patriotism.
We expect Ruth to have a 20-year life span, not 3-4 years like many brands. A short life span ensures huge sales, but it harms the environment in the long run. Charlie’s Computer Store determines to produce smartphones that is usable for the next 20 years, meaning that customers could use it to rest of their lives if the phone is carefully preserved.

South Korean designers will be in charge of phone design. Indian engineers and workers will handle the assembly. We will select a phone design making Ruth never outdated.

The company ensures that if even a janitor or a gardener comes up with breakthrough ideas, they can be promoted to higher positions, deputy director or director of a department for example. In general, long job tenure increases one’s value, and no one is left behind.

We will introduce installment plans for people in Africa. For instance, a Ruth is $300. The Africans could pay $5/month. After 60 months, 5 years, they will finish their installment and have a great smartphone. With a unique philosophy, we believe Charlie could bring prosperity to Africa. The Africans will no longer live in poverty, and they can rise up to become world’s creditor. An African with proper social security number, house and degree can access the installment plan. Our goal is to help the African to have a good smartphone for study and work. Not only we give Africa money, but also a new identity, the Pacific Philosophy or Viet Philosophy.

We have the strength of youth, creativity, workforce but money. Therefore, we write this letter to ask for fund. If each person invests in us 2kg of rice, equivalent to 30,000 VND, we could make the Ruth come true someday.
Our business as a laptop dropshipper is doing well, proving our philosophy is right.

We estimate that it could takes up to 10 years for the Ruth to enter production. Educating an individual takes up the same amount of time. We have been mentally preparing for a 200-year ear. All employees at our smartphone factory will receive pension, long-term risk insurance in accordance with the spirit of Christian countries in spite of their color, language, ethnicity or religion.

We are currently hiring:
Mechanical engineers, computing engineers, bachelors of mathematics, physics, linguistics, etc.
A Chief Financial Officer and economic experts.
Especially, we need a few more philosophers to help me, Mr. Ton Phi.
We also hire several women working as customer service employee. They will answer calls from clients, and work-from-home is accepted.
Ruth smartphone factory will follow the concept of “sticking together through thick and thin”. All members will move forward together.
Regular workers could join us if they love to find out and create new things.
Currently, we cannot provide fixed monthly salary. However, if the business makes profit, the company will equally divide the earnings to all members. Who invests in the company will receive monthly profit.
If you have interest in our company, please contact us now. Each dollar and comment of you is very helpful to us.
Thanks for reading.
District 7, Saigon, September 15th, 2021
Ton Phi.
For job application: tranoanh68cz@gmail.com
For investment: tonphi2021@gmail.com or +84344331741 (Zalo, Whatsapp, Signal).

Paypal: tonphi93@icloud.com

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