An introduction to the American University of the People.

Picture 1: A portrait of myself for admission application

My name is Ton Phi.

I have just received the letter of acceptance for computer science of the American University of the People, 595 E Colorado Blvd Suite 623, Pasadena, CA 91101, United States, meaning that I will have two diplomas, one is bachelor of literature and the other is bachelor of computer science.

It either impossible or possible to change a country’s political institutions, depending on the arrangement of the Creator, but changing culture is in the grasp of our hands.

Protestant countries have higher development and identity than that of the Buddhism countries. For instance, during the Corona virus pandemic, the Israeli government, following their political culture, just need to send emails or messages to every household rather than move their people to quarantine areas. Unlike their Israeli counterparts, the Vietnamese government has made bad decisions, putting barbed wirearound their houses. Vietnamese and Israelis are humans after all, but their lives are different, stemming from the different cultures. If we make the identity of our country and our people follow the Bible, it would be effective. Truthfully, the Vietnamese are changing from Buddhism to Protestant culture, just as I predicted. This fact in undisputable. The Protestant civilization fosters prosperity. (Without money, people cannot access to education).

Protestant culture encourages creativity. Why does South Korea’s chaebol achieve such success? Targets is the answer. A clear target urges one to be creative. The seller failing to meet his or her target will be upset. A competitive environment encourages people to engage in competition. A 1-dollar job will give a person 1 dollar.

Then why Vietnam has such a bad political culture? That is because of the ignorance. The Vietnamese is smart, but it is street smart. Putting a group of street smart Vietnamese will form an ignorant community. The University of the People has come up with a solution to offer affordable higher education to people around the world, only $300 for a study program comparing tens of thousands of dollar programs of Western universities or thousands of dollar programs of Asian universities. Diplomas issued by the University of the People is recognized by the American Ministry of Education, meaning they can be used worldwide. Indeed, we are only offering programs for majors not costing premises fee such as Education Management, Computing, Mathematics, Literature, Business Administration. Other fee-costing majors such as Medicine, Engineering, etc. shall be available when we have come up with a solution to reduce the tuition in near future. The University of the People is conducting a complete education revolution around the world. People from different countries could be friends. This evolution enables student from every corner of the world could access to open higher education without the fear of being prohibited by their government. The end of Buddhism culture is drawing near. The University of the People could be regarded as a great educational institution.

Picture 2: The School’s logo

I still encourage Vietnamese students to enroll in traditional schools of which tuition is the least expensive. If you receive knowledge from places other than school, you will either lose your youth or a fortune without realizing what you have lost. We are finding out a way to minimize the tuition of schools around the world. Of course, the education Cabals may dislike us; however, the light of Protestant civilization shall enlighten even the darkest corner of the Earth, and cost-free higher education is the tendency of this world.

The Global Peace for Vietnam of Professor Luong Kim Dinh strongly believes that Pacific Viet could set in motion a great change in Africa. Providing them an identity at first, then the prosperity for the Black Continent. Through Charlie Group, we could provide help for Africa. (I have just submitted my application to Charlie of which establishment is my own idea. I will tell you more when I have the result.)

If Charlie succeeds, the company will invest in green farms in Vietnam. For experimental purpose, my family will receive the first investment.

Some say we are arrogant. They are wrong. What we have is David’s pride. With the blessing of Jesus Christ and our discipline, we will conquer Goliath. The evil shall be prevailed. We are serving the society with the Protestant civilization and capitalism stated in the Bible. Haste we not make, especially in a war lasting 200 years. The basic victory and strategy are now within the grasp of the children of Au Co and Lac Long Quan.

District 7, Saigon, September 21st, 2021.
Ton Phi.
Announcement: The book “Business ethics on the second half of XXI century” has been renamed to “A knowledge economy”, and it is now available.
Tel: +84344331741

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