Come and join Charlie Computer Group and we’ll make laptops.

Dear all,
I am Ton Phi, the founder of Charlie computer group. We desire to manufacture beautiful and strong laptops for poor family in Afrca.

Charlie laptop production is on progress.
Designers from Bangladesh are designing the design of the laptop.

Below is the design and technical progress that has just been sent to Vietnam.

Photo 1: The laptop is expected to be released.

Photo 2: Drawing of the frame shell.

My team at Charlie, also my friends at the University of the People, carefully announce that we will produce a laptop as soon as possible.

If Charlie’s project is feasible, please join us.
Or contact my represetative:
Richard Asante, Ghana: . He is our reprsentative in Ghana. Phone and Whatsapp: +233 54 737 1806
Duwaine Pointe, Bharain: . He is Charlie representative in Africa. Phone and Whatsapp: +973 3408 2120

Mr. Duwaine Point, representative of Charlie computer group in Africa.

Come and join us, maybe we could be the second Apple or Dell.

Thank you for reading,
Ton Phi from Vietnam.

Whatsapp, Signall: +84344331741

Zoom meetings of Charlie open every morning Sunday at 1h00 AM to 2h30 Am, GMT.

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  1. Giúp đỡ người nghèo khó như cho Đức Chúa Trời vay mượn. Chúa sẽ ban phước cho bạn bội phần. Tôi cầu nguyện như vậy Nhân Danh Chúa Jesus Christ. Amen.


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