Why is there no cheating on Amazon?

The capitalist portrait.
Part 6:
Why is there no scam on Amazon?

Philosopher Ton Phi/Vietnam

Tribute to billionaire Jeff Bezos.

Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO of Amazon

This is billionaire Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon. You took a very good name, Amazon. The largest primeval forest in the United States. In the Amazon forest, there is an ecosystem of many diverse and free-living animals. The same goes for Amazon.

If you know how to read, how to write, you can be successful on Amazon. If you know how to read and write the national language, you can be successful on Amazon. If you know how to read and write the national language, you can be successful on Amazon. It’s better to know English, if not, then ask the tool to translate it into English and submit it to Amazon. Amazon’s culture is very high, authorship is strict, so that the author has a prosperous life. The owners of the items that can handle it, thanks to Amazon, are also doing well. There are singers who don’t have a husband. She took her phone to record her own song, put it on Amazon, thousands of people bought it, and so she had money to live on.

It is the same environment on the Internet, where there is a high culture, there is a low culture. The high culture environment is more and more prosperous, the low culture environment can also prosper but do not know one day it will perish.
Amazon comes from a small factory. Small success, they raise capital. Wherever they go, they try to perfect it. Finally succeeded.
Occasionally, Amazon ships defective items, not as advertised. They compensate guests 100%. The steps of capitalism are extremely sublime, just like the path of an eagle in the sky. The falcon on the American flag. They compensate customers for prestige, long-term operation.
Do you know the owner’s name or phone number of some shrimp banks in Vietnam? Are not. After losing money, I don’t know who to ask. But you will know the name and address of the American banker. Lost money, call, claim 100%. Bank of America has a culture of compensating customers 100% if money is lost, not blaming hackers, forging signatures… to avoid responsibility.
The light of American Protestant civilization is shining in Vietnam. The country of Vietnam will advance to a Protestant civilization. However, it needs to be sequential, not rushed.
Ton Phi and the young people in Charlie Group have put 53 books on Amazon, it’s not easy. Many books, like the first one, have to be reprinted many times before they have a finished version for you to hold and read in your hand. If Amazon is shut down, the copyright for those 53 books still belongs to Charlie Corporation, but leaving the books on Amazon is the safest.

I wonder, what if Amazon.com website is blocked in Vietnam? They helped me become a big name. We have to account for the worst case scenario. My concern is no joke, ladies and gentlemen. Amazon is being accused of tax evasion. I hope Amazon will share the tax, more or less, with the countries where it does business, so that they can survive together for a long time.
Now we go to Facebook, it is full of money scams. On Zalo, see full of money scams. You do not know who the owner of Zalo is, his phone number. On Amazon, there are also money scams, but these are very few, and Amazon can fix them. The capitalist Jeff Bezos has tried his best to prevent fraud and provide a good environment, first for book authors, secondly, for clothing, music, microcomputer dealers. computers, printers, medicine…
If Amazon goes bankrupt tomorrow, who will save Amazon? Friends, calculate the possible risks. A clean environment like Amazo is not built in a day or two. The future of humanity is bleak. Jeff Bezos did his best. Charlie did his best. May succeed, may fail. But at least we have come up with a correct principle.
Thank you billionaire Jeff Bezos. He is a precious gem in life.
Best regards,
Saigon, December 7, 2021.
Ton Phi
Contact the author: tonphi2021@gmail.com

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