A Letter for Saturday

Ladies and gentlemen.

I got the talkative disease from my father. I no longer advertise my books on Amazon today. If I bother you, please forgive me. I have to speak out because speaking is also doing. It takes a lot of practice to do that.

The days of misery and famine are about to come. Not only in Vietnam, but many other places (Vietnam also helps). So, let’s eat less pepper, dwarves, and music festivals. Once in a while, make a meal. Drink every week only to die. It is imperative that we cut spending.

Life is miserable. The father principle is out of date. The principle of mother’s enthronement. The mother principle deals with the consequences of the left principle.
Young man Y Jao Buon Ya, I am proud to be my friend, and even if not my friend, I also declare that philosopher Luong Kim Dinh is the great patriarch of Vietnamese philosophy. Life out there is soulless and directionless. Kim Dinh has come up with a right guide. Readers must know the highs and lows between philosophies. Nowadays, no one is ignorant anymore, not to say that they don’t know (which philosophy is high, which philosophy is low).

Two men are harvesting rice in the field, one succeeds, is taken away, the other fails, is left behind. Two women grinding mills, one successful, were taken away. The other failed, was left behind. It could be you, it could be me.
We strive to reach the truth. Truth has only one reservoir.
Now, with the means that are already in excess, let’s pre-load our physical strength, knowledge and accumulate capital, preparing for a battle that can last 10 years, 20 years.

Difficult days are coming, we will have each other.

Saigon, December 10, 2021.
Ton Phi. (philosopher Le Minh Ton).

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Phone: +84344331741

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