Daredevilism and resistance to the end

Pham Dinh Ba, Ph.d, university of Toronto, Canada

Canada, December 11, 2021

Dear Ms. Vi and Mr. Nam,

I hope you both are doing well! Thank you for calling me to the Zoom meeting! 

I heard from back home about the debate regarding “First learning to be a good person before learning other subjects and skills”. I would agree with the opinion and most of the content in the article by the writer Ha Si Phu. This suggests that teaching students is first teaching individuals to be good then teaching them to gain other knowledge and skills. Put it another way, education is first to guide students to become good individuals, and then to teach them other things (1).

In my opinion, for a new society to form and operate, each of us needs to have an open mind, a strong way of life, practice the means to an end every day as if the end is now and conduct micro-resistance to authoritarianism. Open mind is to listen, exchange and recognize mistakes in thinking about things in one way only according to the indoctrination of the people by those who are in power. The way to live strong is to dig deep into any topic, be passionate about what is right and take death very lightly when doing what we want to do or the dream life we try to build.

We will conduct ourselves such that our means and ends are completely consistent – to realize my dream I practice it every day with my close friends, I want to talk to my friends about my vision and dream for things to come, I live now according to the social orders that I strive to build in the future, I work endlessly to spread my dream to others, I build faith in the future and I draw my friends on a journey towards our dream society. 

Micro-resistance against authoritarianism is to push back against the darkness every second of every day in every area of life. Every day I choose a joy in repelling every corner with the darkness. When many of us are with pluralistic ideas and the spirit that I would rather die in protest than lingering in this life for hundreds of years otherwise, we would not need to fight with the authoritative bastards but eventually, our people will become rich with innovations and our country will become strong against the invaders from the North.

As the authoritative bastards seek to teach and create individuals among us who love to eat, drink, sex, do not think or participate in politics, and are emotionless, we write and talk about adventure, suicidal missions, passion, the pursuit of new ideas and ideology, openness and micro-resistance – we are making life beautiful by assuming that will take death as a consequence of our action or we are willing to go to jail for our conduct… That my friend is daredevilism and that is the attitude that we will be resisting them the authoritative bastards to the end of the world.

See you at the next meeting!

Best regards, Bá

Contact author: ba.pham@theta.Toronto.ca

Note: (1) https://boxitvn.blogspot.com/2021/11/trao-oi-y-kien-nao-la-tien-hoc-le-hau.html#more

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