Introduction of staffs and leadership philosophy of Vietnam Pens Center

Vietnam Pens Center is the continuation of the Vietnamese Literature Center of the Le Dynasty and the continuation of the Vietnam Van But Center in Saigon in the 20th century.

Editor-In-chef: Tôn Phi (Sài Gòn) . Pen Name: Tôn Phi và Lê Minh Tôn

Ảnh: Tôn Phi- editor in chef

Mail box:

Phone, Whatsapp, Signal: +84344331741

Major: Literature. Carpenter.

Representative in USA: Nguyen Van Loi

Major: Carpenter

Pen Name: Chí Phèo Nguyễn Văn Lợi, Người San Jose.

Chí Phèo Nguyễn Văn Lợi-A person San Jose, San Jose city, California, Hoa Kỳ.

Mail box:

The heart of Pens Vietnam exalts the Vietnamese philosophy of philosopher Luong Kim Dinh.(1) We consider philosopher Luong Kim Dinh to be the greatest guru of the Vietnamese nation.

All works of guests and members posted on Van But’s forums will be properly paid, at least one working day in Vietnam for each post. (2) Some excellent works are paid very high royalties.

Authors’ articles are carefully archived and closed for future reference. (3) We translate important works of important members into major languages of the world (English, French, Chinese). There are also a few other languages.

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