Identification of NTS . intellectual property

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Written for scientist Toruk Makto Seven

Journalists are allowed to copy this article, but when copying, they must notify the author:

NTS stands for digital asset identification.

For example, a scientist Nguyen Phuong wrote an article, signed TM7. Later, Nguyen Phuong gathered his scattered articles everywhere into a book, submitted to Amazon. Amazon refused to publish, because they could not determine whether TM7 was Mr. Nguyen Phuong or not. This is very difficult because Amazon is not available to call Mr. Phuong.

In another development, Mr. Ton Phi wrote an article, signed Ton Phi, also left a phone number (0344331741), and also left an email ( When Mr. Ton Phi gathered the articles into a book and submitted them to Amazon, it was very easy for Amazon to determine that the copyright of the article belonged to Mr. Ton Phi. Review time is 2 hours no more. While Mr. Nguyen Phuong may never consider the application.

See, you see, in the knowledge economy, using multiple names, or anonymity, does a lot of damage. Using real name, real email, real phone number, today only profit 1 dong, tomorrow 2 dong, the day after tomorrow 4 dong, 8 dong, accumulated like this until today a month’s profit is 800,000 dong. The civilization that owns the Internet is a capitalist civilization, the longer people live, the more valuable they are. Currently, the phone number and email of author Ton Phi are highly valued.

Why? For writing articles. It is like watering a tree, watering a drop of water every day, at the end of the year it will become an ocean, an oasis, a luxuriant garden. On the contrary, you do not water a single drop, until it is watered with a bucket of water, it is also worthless.

According to quantum mechanics, matter (real life) and spirit (virtual life) are two branches of the same tree of life. Cryptocurrency or digital currency, I analyze that, its essence is the conversion from mental (belief people place for a unit) to material (value of a unit has been determined). converted to USD). Cryptocurrencies are not illegal. A person’s digital assets, too, are even more valuable than digital currencies many times. The person’s name, phone number, and email address may mean nothing, but they are invaluable. Identity card number and registered phone number of the owner, used for many years, is an invaluable asset. Feed it daily, and it will bear fruit for you.

Many people have met me and asked me to put their books on Amazon. I show them how to sign up for an Amazon account, how to post books, how to sell books. The longer people live, the more valuable people will be.

One should realize the value of life. Every cubic meter of air we breathe, every drop of water we drink, is a priceless asset. King Solomon couldn’t even wear a beautiful dress like a lily. The assets you have right now are priceless. Especially young people, your youth is invaluable, if you know how to use it properly and have a good teacher to guide you.

According to the Protestant civilization, each person has its value. Your intellect will be properly valued by the capitalist world. That valuation is called NTS. You can rest assured, cycling in the morning, walking in the park in the afternoon. When you have a creative idea, call Mr. Ton Phi, the commander-in-chief of scientists, we will work together to make each idea right.

Happy New Year.

Excerpt from the book: “Purchase in the digital economy” by Ton Phi.

Contact the author:

Order the book The Digital Economy Fashion – Ton Phi.

Price: 400 000 VND.

Bank transfer at: 142720499-ACB-Ton Phi.

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