Why did the Jewish oligarchs decide to crash the Chinese economy?

Portrait of a capitalist
Part 5: Why did the Jewish oligarchs have to destroy the Chinese economy?
Ton Phi
Ladies and gentlemen,
In recent days, China’s Evergrande real estate group has been on the verge of default. Even Mao Zedong’s resurrection could not save that default. It’s good to read in newspapers that China is about to default, but no one knows the source behind it.
The author behind this spectacular domino is a group of Jewish oligarchs.
Why did the Jewish oligarchs have to destroy the Chinese economy?
Normally, Israel allows the regimes of countries around the world to exist, including Korea. As long as a regime sits still, Israel allows that regime to live. North Korea sits still, should be allowed to exist.

But the Chinese regime is different. To get rich, the Chinese regime destroys the environment, leading to global warming. Israel wants to fight China. Of course, it couldn’t be fought with bombs and bullets. An atomic bomb of the United States is now 1000 times more destructive than the two bombs dropped on Truong Ky and Guandao in the past, only 1.3 billion Chinese people would have died if dropped. Of course the Jewish capitalists wouldn’t do that immoral thing. So, they chose to tear down the People’s Republic of China by economic means. Israel creates super rich companies like Ever Grande and then puts all of China’s money and wealth in it. By the time they blew up the Ever Grande company, the Chinese economy was also in turmoil, because all of China’s assets were already plugged into real estate.

Not only destroying the global environment, China’s leaders also feed terrorist groups and extremist states in the Arab bloc, which has been a thorn in the eyes of the Jewish people for the past 100 years.

To survive in the new society, there is no other way, you have to join large corporations. The easiest way is to study for a degree, university or college, be better than others to get into corporations. I recommend this way. The second way is to poke fun at the children and grandchildren, I do not recommend this way. If you are a craftsman, be a good craftsman.
At this point, readers know why Ton Phi was chosen to be the general secretary of the Federation of Asian Journalists. We do the newspaper, or don’t write the article, once we write the exam to analyze to the bottom of the problem. Other journalists speak out, pretend to be talented, deceive readers and end up being unable to grow up to be a human.

Advocates for the environment, democracy, human rights, etc. of the Chinese people, who want to avoid being arrested and imprisoned by bad gangs in the party, should join forces with the Jewish people. I think Chinese laws are very good, good people in the government don’t arrest you, only bad guys. You cannot fight alone. Chinese society is a strong society where everyone lives. Jewish society is society, let’s live together.

I can 100% assure you that the current regime in China is not Communist even though it is ruled by a party called Communist Party and this party is not Communist either. This dumping phase of the Chinese economy is fulfilled in accordance with Isaiah, and any regime hostile to the Jewish orbit will turn to desolation. The Old Testament is not wrong or out of date, it’s just that it has many interpretations and people have chosen to interpret it incorrectly. The Old Testament is still being fulfilled to the Jews, with the most glorious fulfillment being the re-establishment of the state of Israel in 1948 of the twentieth century.

Article copyright: Ton Phi.
Photo: Capitalists Ton Phi and Tran Tuong, village friends, November 2021.
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