How to improve people’s knowledge for Vietnam?

Mr. Ton Phi, photo 2014.

Ton Phi

My teacher, Dao Nguyen Hong Hieu, gave me a task saying: “You have to teach them”. Today I think of her and am very pleased that I have basically fulfilled my promise.

Vietnam is a special case in the world.

In every field, Vietnam has people who are good and even better than the best in the world.

However, in general, Vietnamese people’s intellectual level is low. Because people have low intellectual level, even though they have a university or college degree, they still hide in containers.
If people are highly educated, instead of crossing the border, people will think of a way to survive in their homeland. Billionaire Trinh Van Bo (or anyone else) said that there is no place where it is easier to get rich than in our homeland, where our brothers and friends support us.

A friend of mine, Pham Thi Hong Thom, a farmer in Quang Ninh, said a very beautiful sentence that will follow you for the rest of your life: “When talking, you must always put yourself in the front door.” Don’t be put down.

Yesterday, I successfully put the book “How We Think” on Amazon. English title The way we think. The book How We Think by American professor John Dewey talks about the structure of the brain and how the brain responds to unexpected information. Readers do not need to be a professor or doctorate, just reading a book by Professor John Dewey will understand the psychology of behavior of people around. I wrote part 2 of The Way We Think to explain his puzzling things.

Vietnamese people’s intellectual level is now very high. There are no illiterate people in Vietnam. In Jesus, there is no one who is uneducated. Technology advances rapidly. So why is it still miserable in general? You and I will find the answer together.

Study a lot, study high, but with low humanity, it will cause suffering to those around you. This comment by professor of philosophy Luong Kim Dinh, lecturer at Saigon University of Literature, is still very successful every year. So, we only need to restore the humanity of the Vietnamese people, and we have solved half of the nation’s problems.

We all must work together. We must work together.

District 7, Saigon, December 19, 2021.
Ton Phi (philosopher Le Minh Ton)
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