The United States’ Global Strategic World and the Ukrainian People’s Resistance war

Documentary photo: US President Donald Trump meets with Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky.

Ton Phi.

Several times, the Ukrainian official government called the rebels to dialogue. If necessary, have the auspices of the United Nations. But the rebels did not come out.

This morning I read a very good article by Hai Le.

Why did the US create NATO?

The advantage of NATO is the legal foundation. 110 articles of Public International Law and 70 articles of the UN Charter are all drafted by core NATO countries, such as the UK and the US. Countries like China (Mao Zedong) and the Soviet Union (Stalin) did not know whether to put pen to paper. Once you sign in, you can’t get out. The global strategic world of the United States is the United Nations strategic position, no country can break their reasoning.

Anglo-American legislators drafted international public law on the basis of the ten commandments of Moises. So the enduring values ​​of the world, Anglo-American values, are the foundational values ​​of Jewish civilization.

Zelenski is of Jewish descent. Readers can imagine, if Israel financed the Ukrainian people’s resistance war, their resistance would certainly succeed. Time will do the rest.

Vladimir Putin accused Ukraine of joining NATO and denouncing Ukraine as a fascist country. This statement of Putin may be true but is self-contradictory. In NATO, there are no fascist countries. Unless, NATO is a fascist bloc. As far as we know, NATO is not, and never will be, a fascist bloc.

Heroes from antiquity are often people from elite backgrounds, but they often hide it. For example, Le Loi is a great mandarin of the Muong people, under propaganda he is just a hero in cloth clothes. “There is Mr. Le Loi in the thousand steps out.” Even like King Thanh Thang destroying Kiet in the past, also a general under King Kiet, he saw that Kiet was too immoral, so he mobilized all the military officers of the country to destroy it, making it the first revolution in Chinese history as well as in history. mankind. All are heroic bloodlines, famous families, no one is ordinary.

Ukrainian President Zelensky is also the son of a famous family of a similar family. His parents are academicians. Grandparents and grandparents are sometimes famous Jewish families. When he ran for election, he stepped out as an ordinary person, without using the name of his grandparents’ tycoon, but just using his own talent. The United States, in order to support a person, often looks closely at that person’s pedigree, whether that person is a son of a prestigious family, or a poor old peasant who rose up through tricks, before they decide to give aid or not. don’t pour aid to one person.

A job does not speak full about a person, but the person speak full about a job. That is the law of eternity, which when running for office, Zelensky wants to send a message to his compatriots. There are many farmers, but they are not normal, their genealogy is all private, general, in the time of their descendants, for some reason, they returned to become farmers. The Bible begins with the book Genesis. The word Gen refers to something quintessential, preserved over time.

Do you think Zelensky is a comedian? Why don’t you see that Charles Chaplin is also a comedian? Comedians who write the best speeches of all time are comedians who have reached the pinnacle of their profession. The background of the Ukrainian president rising and leading a country was not simple. It’s not a good idea to hate the weak-willed mentality of bringing other people’s pasts to scorn in their opinion. That president personally went to the battlefield to urge the war. From boxers to veterans, everyone stayed to fight with Zelensky. That person has a very strong charm.

A person like the president of Ukraine is worthy of respect and admiration. Charlie Group sent support to the people of Ukraine for the resistance, no matter how much they sent. It’s kind of public. How many long-standing capitalist corporations of the world, do not say no, quietly send donations to the people of Ukraine, readers try to estimate the number.

In war times, people don’t use troops anymore. Australia invented a machine gun that fires 70 rounds at a time, completely without the need for a gunman, just a remote control. How many Russian troops entering Ukrainian territory are in danger. We need to know that, at this time, the military level of all countries is equal, no country has an absolute advantage like in the past.

In 1987, philosopher Luong Kim Dinh wrote the book The United States and the Global Strategy. The book is very good, but with the media of the time, it only reached the elite. What happens after that, and in the future 100 years, 200 years from now, is in the global strategic world of the United States of America, what is enshrined in their Declaration of Independence.

We write and are responsible for what we write. We also deserve to benefit from the sale of books, the things we have written. We, when producing culture, focus on producing items with a lifespan of 100 years, 200 years, and eternal values.

Humor needs intelligence. A Jew, elected by the people, studied law in another country, not with a law degree in office or an Oriental school, runs a television channel, and runs for president without the support of any party, should never ordinary hours. It strongly demonstrates democracy, no matter who you are in society, if the people trust you, you also have a chance to be president.

The article has been included in the book “The United States and the Global Strategy” by writer Ton Phi released on Amazon.
District 7, Saigon, February 27, 2022.
Ton Phi (philosopher Le Minh Ton)
A student of philosopher Luong Kim Dinh.
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