Introduction to the book “The Ukrainian people’s ressistance war of ” Vietnamese writter Ton Phi.

Author: Ton Phi. A Vietnamese young.

I wrote this book in happiness. Happiness interspersed with suffering. Overall, I’m still happy. Human conscience will eventually prevail.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Today, I started, and basically completed, the book The Ukrainian People’s Resistance.

In an age of moral upheaval, everyone thinks they are right, and the other person is wrong. The scientific analysis of a scholar from a neutral country is often more correct. Anyway, international public law is very clear and should be taken as the frame of reference.

I don’t want to say that Russia’s Putin is right, or Ukraine’s Zelensky is right. That is for posterity to judge. I wish the parties had brought each other to the international court to arbitrate, to make it clear who was right and who was wrong, before waging such a fierce war.

Today, a friend sent me this photo, female pilot Natasha Perakov, which inspired me to write a short story, featuring her photo.

Real war has no eyes, bombs drop stray bullets, can hit anyone.

A university professor encouraged me to write this book. I wrote.

May be true, may be wrong. The correct part, you keep. The wrong part, you guys delete.

A sincere word from Vietnam. May all of you, and me too, be saved, in the arms of God.

Written in Saigon, Vietnam, February 27, 2022.

Ton Phi (philosopher Le Minh Ton)

Contact the author:

Phone, Whatsapp, Signal: +84344331741

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The author is a student in Vietnam. Major: Literature.
Contact author:
Phone, Whatsapp, Signal: +84344331741


Thank you very much.

My story- video clip:


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