A poem for Ukraine

This is a sacred land from the past, always called Ukraine
Here, dragons and fairies are like heroes
Thousands of years still coloring the flag in Europe.
Fighting the northern invaders
Keeping the southern borders strong.

Let’s hold hands and walk together on green grass
Let’s sing happily together to Ukraine
Even though the storm is overwhelming
Even though the time is shocking
Let’s hold hands together and write a new page of history

Please cry for Ukraine and send this to every corner of the world in order to stop the blood-sucker Putin from killing innocent people of Ukraine.

God bless you.

Tien Chu, M.S.Psy.
A Novelist, A Poet, An Artist, and a Master of Martial Arts.

Contact author: Golden Pen <butvang2006@yahoo.com>

or Chu Tất Tiến <vietnguyen2016@aol.com>

Contact our magazine: tonphi2021@gmail.com

Sincerely thank you,

Ton Phi- General secretary of Vietnamese Pen Association.

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