New Live publishing house, a miracle story.

Figure 1. Mr. Ton Phi, general director of New Live publishing house in Vietnam. Contact: Phone, Whatsapp, Signal: +84344331741

New Living Publisher, a magical story. Here is a place to exchange inventions, that is, a place to exchange living values ​​that can be exchanged to maintain both human life and spiritual life. We pay more attention to human life. Nearly 1 book of Mr. Ton Phi has reached children in remote areas. Just a little more, we’ll get to the 3 million mark. Many friends abroad also love our books.

Figure 2. A customer is holding in his hand Ton Phi’s book The protestant ethics and the Spirit of Capitalism.

We cooperate very well with the authors who trust and entrust the manuscript, their brainchild, to disseminate to the world. We sell books at any price, for anyone who loves books. Prepaid Postpaid doesn’t matter, as long as books of the highest level are published.

Figure 3. Cover image of Analysis of Tales of Kieu by Ton Phi.

Life is a war. La vie c’est un combat. We are soldiers on the civil front, serving the owner of the Vietnamese religion.

The Vietnamese mainstream, also known as Vietnamese philosophy, or Thai Binh wisdom, has remained with the country through many years of history. It is said that over 12 000 years.

Philosopher Luong Kim Dinh, teaches philosophy at Saigon Van Khoa University, the philosophy area for the Vietnamese people. Sincere thanks to Kim Dinh, the position of great guru of the Vietnamese nation.
Normal army is strong.

Figure 4. Illustration: Mr. Charlie and Mrs. Charlie. Student time photography, University in Sai Gon, Viet Nam 2016.

On New Year’s Eve 2022 (January 1, 2022), journalist Nguyen Duc, who protects death row prisoner Ho Duy Hai, sent 1,000,000 VND to Living Moi Publishing House. We used that 1 million to support a hostel for a student in Saigon, according to Charlie bank, loan first, get back later. Every day, we sold books. Money in and money out.

The new publisher is a kernel publisher. With only two employees, we publish electronic publications in the world book. You will also be like our me.

New Living Publisher, a miracle story.

Figure 5. Boss Phi and a beautiful and generous staff of Living New Publishing House – Charlie Publishing Corporation in Highlands coffee shop. District 7.

Last month, one day, her secretary and I wrote a very good book. We put online, auto shop. Whoever buys it will take it down and pay automatically. Finished, my wife and I went for a walk to suggest sex, stretching, 30 minutes after doing it again. 30 minutes after, about open the default list system, has been found 3000 downloads. There were 1000 transfers. My bank account number increased to 200 million (the salary of the new president is only 40 million). That is, one morning, my friend and I made 200 million, just from selling books from PDF.

I have to say to that reader, you can pay whenever you want, you have to pay right away. Yet they still pay.

That afternoon, a kindergarten asked for 150 million. Have fun, owners and employees of Charlie Corporation give it all.

Figure 6. Philosopher, capitalist Ton Phi in a coffee shop, with his cousin. They are both work for New Live Publishing House.

The publishing house lineup is full of rich and well-educated children, so it’s mainly done for passion, even if it doesn’t get paid. The boss does the final balance 300 000 days is okay, a lot of money for nothing.

Engineer Do Nhu Ly, an old man about to lose money, ordered a book from us and was shown this ratio firsthand. He said that our Sun Fei is a great manufacturer of the twenty-first century.

We invite you to download the books from the New publisher. Floor plan for bookshelves is 250 000 VND (PDF books) and 400 000 VND (printed books). Budget collection number: 142720499, open at ACB bank, account holder Ton Phi. Reading books on computer tablets, laptops and phones is very nice.

Especially, at New Living Publishing House, you will be paid later. That is, you just download the book, serving your educational path first. When you have money, you can pay it for yourself, it’s okay. Sincerely thank you.

The magic of New Living Charlie publisher.

It is the third largest PDF publisher in Asia today.

We offer our readers the best books on the market.

Along with a team of advisors, senior leaders, professors, leading doctors, New Living publisher and students. You and the teacher find the truth and benefit from the learning results.

In New Living Publishing House, there is no leader. People are self-reliant, with the help of others.

Everyone is together, learning together and advancing together. Each member of the New Living publishing house is provided with equipment, computers, books and expenses to study and work like real scientists.

Figure 7. Two female friends with model photos from New Living Publishing House are holding the book The knowledge economy.

2021 is a year to remember. In October 2021, Ton Phi opened the New Live Publishing House, known as Charlie Publishing House.

Our publisher sets it to automatic. Specifically, Ms. Huong Nguyen in Australia buys books, goes to the website, enters and pays. About 30 minutes, but at most 3 days, you will receive the book and ship it to your home.

This form of online publishing, only Mr. Ton Phi thought up. I was in a position where I was forced to have an invention. Others, they do not have inventions, because they are not in a position to have inventions.

Charlie Publishing House was so wonderful that the director of the Vietnam Publication Department had to send an official dispatch to Saigon to congratulate Mr. Ton Phi. Just succeeded on the principle that it was like that, tomorrow we will expand more.

This is not just a publishing house, it is also a very important website. Any author who has an invention, submit it here, we will write the author’s account number below. Rich people pass by, read, stop by, buy inventions for the author. Mr. Ton Phi is an intermediary, but he doesn’t care how much money the rich give him, because the payment is one-touch, coming to the author after 5 seconds. Mr. Ton Phi himself is also an author, so he designed a timeless publishing house. Publisher Charlie is like a boy from the future, extremely productive and extremely creative.

Yesterday, a dean at the school ran to District 7, to meet with the New Living Publishing House to put the book on Amazon. All in just 2 hours. Whoever asks, we also help, free of charge, dedicated help. A university student under Can Tho just graduated, sent his work to print, from receiving the printout, editing the print until printing, it only took 20 days. Obviously Charlie is a good publisher.

You guys. I tell the story here so you guys can be as creative as I am. I believe you can do even more. I am the first generation, tinkering from A to Z by myself. To you, we will transfer technology to you, you will surely succeed. God said: The more you teach the profession, the richer you will become. Therefore, we do not spare secrets, we are always ready to teach you the profession.

Charlie Publishing is a miracle story. It came in the middle of a famine season. Humbly, I say, it is a gift from God.

How can we help you? Don’t be shy, get in touch with us.

Ton Phi and Huong Giang.
Telephone hotline: 0344331741
Mailbox: (meet Ms. Huong Giang) (meet Ms. Nguyen Hanh).
Telephone hotline: 0344331741

If you are abroad, you can call us by Telegram, Viber, Whatsapp, Signal: +84344331741

Contributing capital to receive dividends, or to sponsor the New Live publishing house:
ACB Bank: 142720499- Account holder: Ton Phi. Swift Code: ASCB VNVX.
MB Military Bank: 0344331741- Account holder: Ton Phi.
Paypal, Payoneer, Wise:
Sincerely thank you.

Figure 8. Illustration: Father and daughter Charlie walking down the street. District 7 Saigon in 2022.

Written by mr.Ton Phi.

Contact me at: Or phone: +84344331741 (Zalo, Whatsapp, Signal, Viber, Telegram)

Bach Son Hai

JANUARY 2, 2022 AT 07:16

Wishing Ton Phi many new things in the new year

Country Soul Love

JANUARY 2, 2022 AT 07:16

Congratulations children.

Construction Nguyễn Đình Cống.

FEBRUARY 5, 2022 AT 11:34

My friends and I find the way of publishing and selling books of Song Moi Publishing House is too modern.


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