Meet Doctor Nghia Hoai, famous doctor treating bedridden patients.

In Saigon, Go Vap district, near the airport, there is Doctor Nghia Hoai (0984 628 304), who specializes in treating bedridden patients.

Mr. Nghia Hoai liked to read the essays of philosopher Ton Phi, so he invited Ton Phi to visit.

There is an 85-year-old man with sores, returned by Western medicine, lying in one place. Doctor Nghia Hoai arrived, made the old man stand up, run and jump, his skin ruddy. Biblical good doctor.

Doctor Nghia Hoai agrees with Ton Phi’s statement that disease is caused by lifestyle. A good doctor can only help you live up to your life expectancy. The rest, you must love to live long. Jesus said to forgive your brother 70 times 7.

In the North, there is Dr. Tran Cuc. Welcome. From the point of view of prevention rather than cure, we assure you that a good physician must at least be good at philosophy.

In short, you remember, you are your own doctor, besides the doctors with qualifications and expertise.

Author Ton Phi book Knowledge economy. Nice to meet and connect with friends.

Written in District 7, Saigon, August 18, 2022.
Ton Phi (philosopher Le Minh Ton).
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2 bình luận về “Meet Doctor Nghia Hoai, famous doctor treating bedridden patients.

  1. Nice to meet you,
    I Am Dr. Ali Patel. I am from the UK. but currently in Gaza city. I am a plastic surgeon doctor working with the UN on a peacekeeping mission in Gaza.

    Dr. Ali Patel,


  2. Hello Dear

    Am a dying woman here in the hospital, i was diagnose as a
    Coronavirus patient over 2 months ago. I am A business woman who is
    dealing with Gold Exportation, I Am 59 year old from USA California i
    have a charitable and unfufilling project that am about to handover
    to you, if you are interested to know more about this project please reply me.

    Hope to hear from you

    Best Regard



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