Why do we say that the United States does not invade any country?

In 1945, winning the battle, the US advocated the establishment of the United Nations.

It was the United States that asked France to return Vietnam, and Britain to return Hong Kong.

In 1946, the United Nations was established. Before that, the name of this organization was the League of Nations. The League of Nations asked Japan to ensure safety in Indochina, until the day when general elections were held under the supervision of the United Nations.

Honestly, at that time the French didn’t want to rule Vietnam anymore. France wanted to create a Union and then Vietnam entered it as a nominal vassal, like the UK still managing Australia in theory. Many people did not understand that the French wanted to retake Vietnam, leading to several wars later.

America does not invade any country.

God bless you. God bless America.

Written in District 7, Saigon, September 2, 2022.
Ton Phi.
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