A letter to my friends in Ukraine.

Hello world,

I am Ton Phi, a writer in Vietnam. I am the director of New Live publishing house, Charlie publishing corporation.

I am also author of some book like “The knowledge economy”:

In February 2022, I write the book “The Ukrainian people’s resistance war”. This book was send to Ukraine.

My friends, such as mrs. Priscilla Enoch, an Israeli-Ukrainian, is fighting to protect the country Ukraine:

My friend, capial Bui Tien Loi said: “The war was only resolved when Ukraine won. It’s very difficult so expect U to try. We are always by your side.”

capial Bui Tien Loi

Good day my friends. The war is coming end and the victory belongs to Ukraine.

From Saigon, Vietnam, 03 Sept 2022.

Mr. Ton Phi.

Contact author: tonphi2021@hotmail.com.

FaceTime, WhatsApp, Signal: +84344331741.

Assistant: tonthanck@gmail.com.

1 bình luận về “A letter to my friends in Ukraine.

  1. Okay dear how are your friends over there in Ukraine 🇺🇦 I hope they okay because here my cousin in Russia 🇷🇺 died in the war and we are so sad about it but never the less I still wants to make good friends together with everyone if possible learn more about history and economists too,I will like to be your friend if you accept okay


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