Britain’s capital accumulation

Capital accumulation of England
The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism

Part 31: Britain’s capital accumulation.

Ficture 20. Queen Elisabeth II on the £50 note. Documentary image

On the British pound, there is an English sentence, translated into Vietnamese as follows: “We will return you 100% of the value of the money.” (“Chúng tôi sẽ trả lại cho bạn 100% giá trị của đồng tiền.”)

That is, you work as a carpenter for £10 a day. £50 buys a vintage phonograph for listening to music. Thirty years later, the price of a phonograph in England is still £50, just as the saying goes on the British pound. “We will give you 100% of your money back.”

That was the promise of Queen Elizabeth II of England. Beautiful daughter Catholic, ruling a Protestant country (mainly Puritans-Puritans). Her British Union is too wide: the capital center in England, in addition to placing prime ministers to rule Australia, Canada, … 60 years of her reign as queen, no one has ever criticized a thing, except for the Vietnamese and Chinese immigrants in Australia and Canada curse the queen all day long.

In Great Britain, the leader’s promises were formidable. They have gold reserves to ensure the currency does not depreciate (photo 2).

Figure 21. Queen Elisabeth visits the national gold vault. Documentary photos

So in the UK there is no money changer. Currency exchange is essentially stealing the value of money. That can happen in Buddhist countries, but not in Protestant countries. Protestant ethics do not permit this. The UK also has public debt, but no inflation. British court culture is wonderful. With such a life, people in poor countries are willing to hide in containers or drift on stormy seas to enter England.

In the UK, factories and factories can give employees paid leave. They can raise human resources from young to old. It is because they have accumulated capital. Countries that do not accumulate capital, but run after capital, only have chaos, such as China, the Soviet Union are typical examples. They produce steel rampantly, but no one buys it, so it piles up, owes money to workers and eventually the whole country goes bankrupt.

A country that wants to compete for capital must have capital accumulation and a Protestant ethic. For example, imported gasoline is 5000, England sells 5500 dong, the British capitalists still make a big profit. On the contrary, without morality, imported gasoline liter of 5000, he will sell 21000 dong. He had no capital accumulation, so he had to rob. So people who don’t have the morals when stuck are often very bad, even though normally they can be very nice. Don’t think that stealing is rich, the more you steal, the more you steal, the more you embrace the poverty status.

The Queen of England is a loner intellectual. Ms. Vo Xuan Lan, Pastor of the Renaissance Church recently, is also an intellectual in both society and the church, but is quite lonely in her position (master of sociology, doctor of theology) but she is “underdogs” “warm” church or effective subordinates of European and American missionaries with a colonial mind… She spoke honestly, had opinions, and had a vision… so it was very uncomfortable for sectarian religious agents in Vietnam to have Deepstate. underground state) protection. Therefore, it is difficult to eat and to live for those who are lonely because they are faithful to the Right Way of Jesus. To be protected, the pastor needs to update her doctrine, that is, to come up with the latest and most important theological discovery of the twentieth century.

Christian countries are richer than countries that follow other religions such as Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Paganism… In the Christian system, Protestant countries develop richer than Catholic (Catholic) and Orthodox (Eastern Europe and North Africa) countries. Protestant countries like UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Northern Europe, Germany, Netherlands. Catholic countries like Italy, France, Spain, Mexico. In Asia, Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan are Protestant countries. (International criminal lawyer Huynh Ba Hai said).

The world is Anglo-Americanizing, that is, evangelizing. Borrowing money from the Anglo-American bank must allow the Anglo-American to open a Protestant church. This is the “peaceful evolution” that Buddhist theorists fear. Catholic civilization flourished until the 13th century, then it stalled. Buddhist civilization is increasingly narrowing, entangled in Communist countries. The great rest of the world eagerly embraced Protestant civilization.

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Thank you Mr. Luong Ba Duy for helping us edit this work.
Saigon, July 31, 2021
Le Minh Ton

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