Autobiography- writer Ton Phi

At the beginning of 2020, I was invited to be the secretary of the Asian Journalists Confederation, so I have a couple of autobiographical words to introduce to everyone.

Ảnh chụp làm hồ sơ thi đại học năm lớp 12.
Ảnh chụp làm hồ sơ thi đại học năm lớp 12.

My name is Ton Phi, born in 1993 in Can Loc, Ha Tinh. Former student of Nghen high school, now an expert in Vietnamese philosophy. Different from other ordinary writers, journalists, and editors, I am a person who has the ability to design action programs within 10 years, 20 years. Every Sunday morning, we train journalists for Vietnam who want to enter the media profession. I am always ready to give interviews to domestic and foreign newspapers and radio stations. My contact is below this post.

I used to do many jobs for a living.

From selling vegetables at the market:


To the auxiliary:


To catch thief fish:


To technology car drivers:


Shaves and haircuts all go to the shop, even though i can do it myself:


Currently, I am working as a liaison for writers, independent research with sponsors. Working principle: Take advantage of human resources, know the will from heaven.

Marital status: unmarried, but has a daughter:

Chàng sinh viên Tôn Phi và cô con gái của chủ nhà trọ, hay qua phòng tôi chơi. Ảnh chụp 2018 tại làng đai học.
Chàng sinh viên Tôn Phi và cô con gái của chủ nhà trọ, hay qua phòng tôi chơi. Ảnh chụp 2018 tại làng đai học.

I am a student at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities of saigon City, 2014-2018. My high school friends, the same age, if their studies are stable, they will finish college in the 2011-2015 class.

Difficult learning path. Studying information technology left unfinished, studying medicine … are not finished. So many unfinished stories, with so many racing dreams.

Only studying literature at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities of saigon City for the 2014-2018 class is temporarily considered to have arrived, having completed the study program. Have not received a degree. Although I have not visited the school for a long time, the teachers in the school still correspond with me.

While studying, there are times when the teacher reads my work to the whole class to use as a model. I prefer to call the school Saigon Literature. Because, this school has more memories. Here, I am one of the leaders of the Vietnamese student movement.

Anh cả và em út của lớp tiếng Pháp cô Hồng Hiếu. Tháng 5 năm 2016.
Anh cả và em út của lớp tiếng Pháp cô Hồng Hiếu. Tháng 5 năm 2016.

I love you, love my twenties
Shine so many racing dreams
Like the sun you are so cute
Will fall along the way uphill
Every morning noon afternoon late night
I love you, love my twenties
Treat it like a miracle trip
In the romantic sky, thousands of insects
Can’t even hear my monologue
I love you, love my twenties
Seeing in the heart of life is so lonely
A branch of apricot blossom
Seeing love as a dying opportunity
To tear myself from nightmares
That a man fantasizes all his youth

This poem is excerpted from the poem   Afternoon on Tam Giang Lagoon by poet To Thuy Yen, my favorite poem. Its author is also a student in the same school as us.

Regarding foreign languages, know English and French. Photo taken with Ms. Dao Nguyen Hong Hieu, my French teacher, she forbade me from calling her student because she was the worst student in the class. Second year photo. In my fourth year, I got the best grades in my class.

Cô giáo và học trò. Ảnh chụp 2016.

I am a website designer (free) for a number of civil society organizations in Vietnam. Note that I am not fighting for democracy or human rights. I fight for the national cause, bourgeoisie and popular brotherhood, the four seas of brotherhood. Everyone knows that it is necessary to save Vietnam. Honestly, don’t be sad, the civil society, democracy, human rights associations, none of them can save the country. Only national politics, with international diplomatic notes (and the United States, Great Britain, France, the European Union and many more) can save the country.

Society calls me a writer, a journalist. That’s true too. I am a journalist student of the old journalist Le Phu Khai:


Actually, I’m not just a writer or a journalist. I am an editor. But because at present Vietnam does not have a suitable editorial agency for me, so I have to work as a writer and journalist to live day to day.

Ảnh chụp tại Văn Khoa Thủ Đức, 2017, lúc còn đang sinh viên năm ba.
Photo taken at Van Khoa Thu Duc, 2017, when he was still a third year student.

I felt a spring of life suddenly flow out of my heart. Every day I don’t write an essay for my friends to read, that day I can’t stand it. At the end of the fourth year of Van Khoa school, after reading a book by philosopher Luong Kim Dinh, I realized that it was due to the blood of the state’s civilization flowing all over my body. According to the words of Mr. Kim Dinh left to his students, we decided to open a Center for Vietnamese Literature. In the early days, Mr. Pham Thanh was the chairman, I was the secretary. Now, Mr. Pham Thanh is old and weak, he has retired from his position as president, teacher Dang Dang Phuoc from Dak Lak has joined as secretary, I am serving as interim president.

Papers collaborated with the Vietnam Van But Center, please do not send them to me, but to teacher Dang Dang Phuoc:

Last photo at Van Khoa school, taken with classmates, not a wedding photo:

Tháng 6 năm 2018.

In the future, the country will be peaceful, looking forward to becoming the principal of a primary school to knock on the heads of the children:


Thank you for reading up to here.

I need someone, overseas, to take my place as the chairman for the Center for Literature, to relieve the pressure on me.


viber, Whatsapp: +84344331741

I am always on call and mail from customers regularly, every day of the week, except Saturday.


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