In 1990, thirty two years ago, I was in a San Diego Restaurant and was fortunate to have a copy of VIET TIME magazine.
There was a heartbroken story in the periodical. An Army Officer of the ARVN played guitar and sang in a Saigon restaurant.
A very beautiful lady gave him some money. They stared at each other and called names. Both were in tears.

Prior to 1970, he was a cadet in Da Lat Military Academy and she just graduated from high school.  They were in love and decided to get married.  However, her parents sent her to France and she became a pharmacist. 

What happened next?

I called the Publisher Dong Thien Quang and decided to write for him.  Each week, portions of my book NEW WORLD ORDER AND MONOPOLY were printed in the magazine.  They were main attraction because I wrote continuously about  many subjects:

The war in Viet Nam, energy crisis, news media, gold and monetary system. 

The book was published in 1992 and the second edition was issued in 1994.

After April 30, 1975, many South Vietnamese soldiers and officials were imprisoned.  Since the Communists discriminated them.  The only way they could survive after many years of imprisonment were doing manual works. 

Now, let’s talk about Dr. Le Khanh.  He is a psychiatrist and financial consultant.  Dr. Khanh helped us to save a lot of money by giving us practical advises.

In 2007, he visited us in the US and by chance we met with  Publisher Dong Thien Quang in Westmister.

We are so grateful to  Publisher Dong Thien Quang and Dr. Le Khanh.

With kindest regards and best wishes to you.

NGUYEN  KINH  DOANH              CELLULAR  (213) 361-7929

Editted by Ton Phi, director of Vietnamese Pen Association.

Phone, Whatsapp, viber: +84344331741.


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