Military technology: why say one Ukrainian soldier can kill 20 Russian soldiers?

In a war of the twenty-first century, the national cause has won 75% of the victory.

Russia sending troops to fight Ukraine is losing the cause right from the start.

In terms of operational techniques, U.S.-trained Ukrainian soldiers have a distinct advantage. During the Indochina war, during deployment, one US-trained soldier could kill 20 Soviet-trained soldiers. American training is honest and evolved over time.

Now, in the age of computing, America’s advantage is even greater. With Soviet weapons, people used the word “modern”, while with American weapons, people used the word “highest-modern”.

If Russia loses, Russia’s 500 brothers are in danger of collapsing. For example, Tibet has the right to call on the United Nations to help expel China to regain its territory and self-determination.

This season, following Ukraine, people from other countries follow the US to play. Every treaty in the world will be enforced.

Written in District 7, Saigon, October 5, 2022.

Ton Phi (philosopher Le Minh Ton)

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